Children and Family Mediation

The Mediators can help you to agree a plan of parental co operation which will include;

  • where a child or children should live,
  • how long a child or children will spend with each parent,
  • holiday and school holiday care,
  • incidental costs,
  • child maintenance,
  • how important decisions can be made.
  • a child arrangement plan

This is what Mediation could offer you:

Legal aid is not available in most cases, family Mediation is a real option to try and plan yours and your children’s future without resorting to court proceedings.

As of November 2013 the Child Support Agency stopped taking on new cases, a parent can now apply to the Child Maintenance Service or you can make your own arrangements. The CMS will charge both you and your ex partner for collection and receipt of child maintenance monies. Family Mediation can help you reach a maintenance agreement and thus saving you the ongoing CMS charges.

If appropriate and with the consent of both parents, the voice of the child can be brought into mediation; it is possible that the child or children can be consulted. However it is the child’s decision as to what information, if any is relayed back to the parents. This process is know as “direct child consultation.”

Mediation vs Litigation

Mediation vs Litigation