Division of property and other assets

Our Mediation service can help you and your ex – partner to divide property and other family assets. Once you have reached agreement, you can either divide the assets immediately or a consent order can be presented to your local Family Court. If you have a divorce lawyer, the legal advice that you receive for your circumstances can support you during the mediation process.

The Mediators will assist you to;

  • gather information to Identify the assets,
  • value the assets,
  • look at possible options,
  • give you guidance as to where you may obtain further information,
  • help you to focus on the practical implications,
  • Once you have agreed how the assets are to be divided, draw up written proposals.

What happens if the Family Mediation process has been successful?

All the proposals will be set out in 2 documents, one setting out the assets and one setting out the proposals, you will know exactly what has been proposed and will have a record of that proposal. We aim, where possible, to achieve a standard whereby you can give the documents to your divorce solicitor to convert into an order of the court, if that is what you wish. Any proposal is only binding once it is converted to a court order.

Mediation vs Litigation

Mediation vs Litigation