Mediation in Divorce: What is it?

It is not about reconciliation, getting back together or even being friends. The purpose of mediation is to help you resolve problems that arise when you separate or get a divorce.

Mediation can be a cost effective option that empowers you to plan your future. Using mediation in divorce is potentially a quicker and more cost effective way to resolve issues, a real alternative to “going to court.”

The key features of Mediation are;

  • You and your ex-partner will jointly meet with us in the same room.
  • The process is confidential and importantly it is voluntary. No-one should place pressure or force you to use mediation.
  • We will work with you both to explore options and find solutions.
  • Our role is to serve as an impartial third party.
  • Our function is to ensure that everyone is respectful and has a say in resolving the issues and to keep you focussed on the issues.

In deciding to use family mediation, this does not interfere with your right to access advice from your divorce lawyer nor to access the courts. You can be supported by Legal advice throughout the mediation process. This allows you, should you feel that you are unsure about an issue, to seek legal clarification or advice from your solicitor at any time. The Mediators do not provide legal advice.

We understand that Mediation is not for everyone, but we hope that this information will help you to decide to try mediation as a way of resolving your problems.

Mediation vs Litigation

Mediation vs Litigation