Family Mediation: What you can expect?

You have decided that mediation is for you but are concerned that your ex partner has to also agree. You can either agree with your ex partner that you would like to use our services or you can ask us to contact the other party and will we find out if they are amenable to mediation.

If you have a divorce lawyer they will help you arrange an appointment, please forward our details to your solicitor.

Our Mediation sessions are one and half hours. Other Mediators will use different periods of time.

Mediation is voluntary process; no one will “force” you to come to mediation nor “force” you to come to an agreement. Mediation is a confidential process; there are some exceptions which will be explained to you. The mediator must remain neutral and must not have an interest in the outcome of the mediation.

An advantage of mediation is that it works at your pace; both parties contribute to when the sessions are, how frequently they are and how much ground is covered in a session. You have control over the process.

If you have a divorce solicitor or lawyer, they can still give you advice if you require it. It is not the mediator’s function to give legal advice even if legally trained.

Mediation vs Litigation

Mediation vs Litigation