The role of the Divorce Mediator

The expectation is that all parties meet in the same room, unless another form of mediation is used.

The Mediator’s role is to be an impartial third party; this means the mediator does not take sides, is not judgmental and does not have a vested interest in your divorce or the outcome of the mediation.

The Mediator’s role is to help you to resolve issues by providing you with an environment that you feel comfortable and safe to express yourself and enter into a dialogue with your ex partner; to support you by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to speak and to be heard and assists you by keeping both parties focussed on the issues.

We will give you guidance as to how to get the information to make the best decision for you in all of the circumstances. We do not have the power to impose a decision upon you nor advice you as to the best option. You are always encouraged to obtain advice from your divorce lawyer.

Mediation vs Litigation

Mediation vs Litigation